Canon EOS R7 For Wildlife Photography – TESTED ON SAFARI.

Canon EOS R7 For Wildlife Photography – TESTED ON SAFARI.

Possibly the most widely anticipated camera in recent times is the Canon EOS R7 for wildlife photography. Sabine managed to get her hands on a pre-release model to field test in The Chobe and give her first impressions (and lots of images) of this amazing new mirrorless camera.

In this video, she will run through the key features and share her first impressions of the build quality and the images it produced. Canon South Africa gave us access to this camera to test in the field before the official launch date and we believe we are the first people to try it on safari!

The Canon Eos R7 features plenty from the bigger R3, R5 and R6 but is certainly more affordable for wildlife photography enthusiasts.

00:15 First Impressions of the Canon Eos R7
00:42 Canon R7 Specifications
01:45 Video performance of the R7
02:10 Build Quality of the camera
04:10 Autofocus of the Canon Eos R7
05:25 Image Quality
06:20 Verdict on the Canon R7

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