Canon R7 & R10 :: HANDS ON First Impressions!

Canon R7 & R10 :: HANDS ON First Impressions!

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Intro – Canon APS-C mirrorless: 0:00
Canon EOS R7 Specs: 0:54
Canon EOS R10 Specs: 2:16
Image Samples: 3:17
Autofocus Tracking and Performance in the R7 and R10: 3:55
Burst Rate Speeds and Shooting 5:21
Canon R7 and R10 Lightroom Presets 6:30
Canon R7 vs R10 for Video 7:38
Image Stabilization 8:42
Vlog tests – Manny Ortiz 9:22
Jared Polin 9:38
Jordan Drake from DP Review 10:28
Canon R7 Video is really good HDMI 11:16
Is Canon EOS M Mount Discontinued? 11:57
Is APS-C Dead? 13:01
Questions for the full reviews15:07

Today Canon has announced the first APS-C products for the RF mount. We’ve got the new R7 and R10 bodies as well as 2 RF-S lenses – the 18-45mm and 18-150mm zooms.

The highlight here is clearly the bodies. The R10 is an entry level mirrorless body, and the R7 is a more advanced body featuring a higher burst rate, 10-bit C-Log 3 video, in-body image stabilization and a few more features.

These cameras are going to be very popular for Canon. They out-spec competing models such as the Sony a6600, the Nikon Z50 and even the autofocus out-performs the Fujifilm X-series cameras like the X-T3 and X-T4.

Canon has added some serious competition note only in features, but also with the price point.

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