Nゲージ・鉄道模型 KATO 飯田線シリーズ

Nゲージ・鉄道模型 KATO 飯田線シリーズ

今回はウェアラブルカメラSONY FDR-X3000で撮影しています。
使用車両  10-1350 クモハ54 0+クモハ50+クハユニ56 飯田線 3両セット
      10-1225 クモハ42+クハユニ56 飯田線 3両セット
      10-1183 クモハ54100+クハ68400 飯田線 2両セット

The Iida Line is a Japanese railway line connecting Toyohashi Station in Toyohashi, Aichi with Tatsuno Station in Tatsuno, Nagano, operated by Central Japan Railway Company . The line links eastern Aichi Prefecture and southern Nagano Prefecture through northwestern Shizuoka Prefecture. It goes through steep mountains as well as cities such as Iida and Ina. The line was originally four different private railway lines, the first of which opened in 1897.
Traveling the entire length of the 195.7 km line by local trains takes six hours.