All The AI News You Missed This Week

All The AI News You Missed This Week

Here’s the AI News You Probably Missed This Week. Thanks to this week’s sponsor! Learn more at

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Resources From Today’s Video:
X TOS Update:
Zoom AI:
Zoom AI Video:
Falcon-180B Demo:
Claude Pro:
ChatGPT & Canva:
OpenAI Developer Conference:
New Ghostwriter Song:
Suno Song Generator:
Apple AI:
Amazon One Palm Reader:
MidJourney Updates:
Generative Art is Good:
Microsoft Paint:
Elon Musk’s Fears:
Yann LeCun Ain’t Buying It:
AI Reshaping The World:
David Shapiro Video:
100 Influential Figures in AI:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:04 New X Terms of Service
0:40 Zoom’s New AI Features
2:13 Falcon-180B
4:07 Anthropic Pro
5:05 OpenAI Canva Plugin
6:28 OpenAI Developer Conference
7:16 Cohesive All-In-One AI Platform
9:44 New Ghostwriter AI Song
10:53 Suno Chirp AI Music
13:42 MidJourney Updates
15:24 AI Art isn’t Bad!
16:42 Microsoft Paint Background Removal
17:06 Apple Spending Millions
18:01 Amazon’s AI Palm Reader
18:44 Elon’s Struggles With AI
19:42 Yann Lecun Isn’t Buying It
20:48 How AI Will Reshape The World
24:15 Time’s 100 Most Influential People in AI
25:43 Final Thoughts