Is This the Biggest Week for AI in a Long Time?

Is This the Biggest Week for AI in a Long Time?

Here’s The AI News You Probably Missed. Thanks to Wirestock for sponsoring! (Coupon Code MATT100 for 30% off!)

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Resources From Today’s Video:
Apple News:
Adobe New AI:
Adobe Launches Firefly:
Adobe Shares Revenue:
MidJourney Updates:
Roblox Update: Tweet:
Stable Audio:
ChatGPT Losing Traffic:
Writers Sue OpenAI:
ChatGPT Uses Water:
Meta Upping ChatGPT:
Character AI:
Ebay AI:
Kindle AI Disclosure:
Amazon Seller AI:
New Coke:
Diagnosing Parkinsons:
ChatGPT Diagnosis:
Elon’s Comments:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:06 Apple Updates
1:26 Tons of Adobe AI News
4:34 Make Money With AI Images
6:32 MidJourney Updates
7:12 New Hugging Face Image Model
8:10 Leonardo EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek
10:01 Runway Text-To-Video Updates
11:31 Pika Text-To-Video Updates
13:47 Roblox Crazy AI
14:47 Text-To-User Interface
16:41 Stable Audio
18:41 ChatGPT Losing Traffic
19:14 More People Sue OpenAI
20:15 ChatGPT Uses A Lof of Water
20:42 Meta Challenging ChatGPT
21:18 Character AI Catching ChatGPT
22:16 eBay Adds AI
22:43 AI Disclosures on Kindle
23:25 Amazon AI For Sellers
23:46 AI Coke
24:41 ChatGPT Solves 3-Year Medical Mystery
25:20 AI Detects Eye Diseases And Parkinsons
25:55 Senate Forum & Elon’s Thoughts
27:25 Final Thoughts