AgentVerse | Society of AI Minds 👀

AgentVerse | Society of AI Minds 👀

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Minecraft AI – SELF-IMPROVING 🤯 autonomous agent:

25 ChatGPTs play a videogame…

GPT-4 leaked! 🔥 All details exposed 🔥 It is over…

LLMs as Tool Makers [LATM] – GPT-4 *UPGRADES* lower AI Models.


AgentVerse: Facilitating Multi-Agent Collaboration and Exploring Emergent Behaviors in Agents


[00:00] Intro
[01:57] Google Brain “Society of Minds”
[04:39] Research Out of China
[08:45] AgentVerse
[18:07] Destructive Behavior and AI Safety
[21:02] Prisoner’s Dillema
[23:09] Video Demos
[24:55] Study Conclusion