Microsoft Copilot Full Review | AI in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and More!

Microsoft Copilot Full Review | AI in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and More!

Microsoft Copilot is Microsoft’s massive initiative at putting AI into the hands of every day users. Hundreds of millions of people use their products every day so this is a big leap forward for everyday AI. In this video we will look at how Copilot works and what it can/can’t do.

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0:00 Intro
1:35 How to Get Microsoft Copilot
2:12 What is Copilot in?
2:53 Copilot in Microsoft Word Demo
4:41 Copilot in OneNote Demo
5:23 Copilot in PowerPoint Demo
6:51 Copilot in Excel Overview
7:32 Testing Copilot in Excel
19:28 Positives and Negatives of Microsoft Copilot
23:58 Outro
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